Will Virtual Worlds Become Real?

Matthias Miksche, CEO and co-founder of Stardoll, an international fashion & entertainment community for teen and tween girls, says that his community members don’t differ between buying e.g. real T-Shirts for themselves or “bits and bytes” (= virtual) T-Shirts for their avatars. And they even resell them as “second hand” clothes. For them it doesn’t make any difference if the product is real or virtual. It’s simply theirs. Can you imagine? This is actually too much for me ….


Is this where we are heading to? It seems like … Fashion companies are reacting to this trend. Designer label Donna Karan is “producing” for stardolls and selling it at starplaza …

Miksche is based in Sweden and he gave a presentation last week at the web 2.0 expo in Berlin and he also showed off today at SIMA. He seems to be one of the new rockstars of the 2.o scene. The stardoll community is growing rapidly … the average member is 13,2 years old and they are spending money …

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