Afterthoughts – Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

Even though I wonder why some of the most easiest “web 2.0 rules” like collaboration, community-building, transparency weren’t “transformed” by the organizers – for me the event was great and I’ve met a lot of people for various purposes.

And I really hope, that WEB 2.0 EXPO will remain in BERLIN!!!!!!!! Berlin is the hot spot in Europe … and there is a huge 2.0-community which can be addressed and furthermore involved.

What was best for me besides networking (=we)?

  • Don Tapscott’s talk was great. A highlight!
  • Jesse James Garrett, CEO and Founder of Adaptive Path, gave a beautiful talk about “Delivering Rich Experiences” to the consumers and giving examples how AJAX brought a a fundamental shift in what’s possible on the Web.
  • I also appreciated the thoughts of Andreas Weigend showing that finally there are ways to measure more than page views and unique visitors on a website. To qualify data and put it into context (he called it: measuring attention gesture)” will be the next big challenge for companies selling these data. “Pages or people?” he asked and gave fundamentals for choosing to measure people – meaning to find answers e.g. for the question: What is more? 1000 visitors per day on a web site who just come by and leave after seconds or 15 visitors who remain for 10 minutes and writing a comment or two?
  • Over these days I’ve learned a lot simply by talking, discussing and hearing “2.0” over and over again. This sharpens my own communication about 2.0!

So thanks for providing the Expo in Berlin and hope to see you again in Berlin!

2 thoughts on “Afterthoughts – Web 2.0 Expo Berlin”

  1. Ich sehen das mit der Web 2 Expo genauso, bezweifele aber, dass es wieder in Berlin stattfinden wird.

    Danke für den Film von Don Tapscott. Den fand ich auch großartig.

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