User Generated Advertising

Dieter Rappold, knallgrau Wien, just made some good points regarding user generated advertising. I want to pick out two:

First of all don’t waste your time with inventing more and more new expressions (e.g. user generated content, web 3.0 ….). Instead: Try to understand how the whole ecosystem out there is changing! The environment for companies is changing fast and it’s accelerating every day! Understand this and work from there …

Second: It is equally important for a brand (or a company) to know what is “uncontrolled” out there in the ecosystem about the brand or company (e.g. in flickr, youtube, technorati …) than what is out there “controlled” by the company. He gave an example of what just happened last week on facebook and I wa spart of this. A new group was founded on facebook and encouraged people to chance their energy provider, encouraged them to go green! What happened? Within a week this group had 39 members! Each member had changed already the energy provider! This happened without any action from a company – out of control … How do you handle this?

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