Enterprise 2.0 – Wishful Thinking!

Berlecon Research just published a study about the status quo of enterprise 2.0 in Germany. They’ve asked 156 companies (employees 100+ ). The results are disillusioning:

  • 25 % answered they don’t know what web 2.0 is!
  • another 25 % of the rest doesn’t think, that web 2.0 will have an impact on their companies

Hard to believe, isn’t it? But these are the facts …
More details you will see in the video or you can download the results on http://www.coremedia.de

Link: sevenload.com

One thought on “Enterprise 2.0 – Wishful Thinking!”

  1. Recently, Professor Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School shared his thoughts on use of Web 2.0 technologies in a large Enterprise. He started off by differentiating between a co-worker and a colleague. The employees that form ties are colleagues, rest are only co-workers. Colleagues are the one who actually help you achieve your goals.

    Professor McAfee then divided these “ties” and relationship into four categories:

    1. Strong Ties;
    2. Weak Ties;
    3. Potential Ties;
    4. No Ties.

    He then went into details of how various Enterprise 2.0 technologies can strengthen these ties.

    1. Wikis – Strong ties are already formed – e.g. a group working on a document;
    2. Social Networking Software – Weak Ties – help you get information from a Weaker ties;
    3. Blogs – Potential Ties – Helps you convert a potential/weak ties into a actual ties;
    4. Prediction Markets – Helps in areas where there are no ties; Making decision using Collective Intelligence.

    Please read the entire Blog post on Professor McAfee’s blog at:

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