Video Will Be The Next Big Moneymaker On The Internet …

… people say. Of course Youtube rules the market for now, but there are several others rising on the horizon. Some of them are a sort of video-only browser, a browser that trawls the net for content – copyrighted or not – and transmits it from PC to TV (e.g. veoh), others are simply embedded players like e.g. youtube or a mixture between both like e.g. brightcove.

The moneymaker? Ads of course …

For our SCOPE_07 conference we’ve tested some of the new videoplattforms. My favorite is brightcove – so far.

VeohThomas Mickeleit, Microsoft Germany
YouTube Christian Mertens, Gothaer Versicherungen
BrightcoveHeiko Hebig, Burda Medien
RevverDr. Peter Schuett, IBM Germany
flash-based player by Roger Rappich Soeren Stamer/Henrik Schuermann, CoreMedia AG

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