Living in the “2.0 World” …

… is first of all very exciting. I am very happy to live these days and see all these things happen. Furthermore I am also very happy to have the opportunity to talk to at least a few of nowadays leader … So I am really a kind of on the forefront. All in all I believe we all witness an evolution which is a much bigger step ahead than anything else mankind experienced before. And its coming so fast. And its even changing faster … it is like living in a exponential curve – singularity seems to be near!

So, once in a while a step backwards is helpful. This happened a few days ago while we were promoting our conference SCOPE_07 in Hamburg. Lutz and I, we were speaking in front of Human Resources Manager about the challenges they will have to face within the next couple of years when we all of a sudden realized, that we were speaking a language, using words and expressions they just didn’t understand! Purely because they aren’t as one with their computers as we are. I am not talking about technical capabilities or programming or stuff like this. I am talking about being part of the digitalized world – more or less.

So Lutz and I learned a very important lesson in our role as conference hosts: pick up your audience where they are! Don’t force them to catch up with yourself. By doing so, you will loose them. And what is worse than a lost audience?

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  1. Good point, Helge! Thanks!
    Did you ever read Ray Kurzweil’s book “The Singularity is near?” The first time I heard him talk, I thought this guy is dangerous! After having read his book, I thought maybe he is not? He has a pretty clear view about human development and he is deeply convinced that humans and machines will merge – the one way or the other – leading to something much bigger than only the sum of it!

    A very controversial person …

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