“Crowdsourcing instead of CRM!”

… was the title of a very impressive and interesting speech of Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller, RWTH Aachen und MIT at the German Design Conference.

On the basis of Threadless Frank Piller showed some core principles of how the web can change whole industries. Threadless is selling customized T-Shirts by

– reinventing mass production in fulfillment while offering huge choice in selection … and
– they are reinventing basic economic principles

They don’t need research & development, designers or a distributuion network. Within their modell they

– focus on supporting users to create value
– are broadcasting problems – not seeking for creative talents
– have very efficient screening mechanism
– see relationship marketing as a side product
– use open participation and distributed problem solving

The germany based company spreadshirt goes even one step further. Their allow the individual community member not only to design their T-Shirt but further more to sell it! How smart is that?

Other examples where traditional supply chain management rules are going to be obsolete are:

Google 3D warehouse results

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