It all begins with the acceptance to fail …

According to Wikipedia Garry Kasparov (born April 13, 1963, in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR; now Azerbaijan) is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer and political activist. Kasparov is a candidate for the Russian presidential race of 2008.

His speech at the World Business Forum was about Strategic Thinking (unlike all th eother speakers, he did not refer to his new book!) giving the audience three major advices. Kasparov described himself as a aggressive person and he used to be an aggressive chess player. Be aggressive, meaning be active and don’t react. Try to bring yourself in a position of acting, let the others react … then you have a pretty good chance to win. The second advice would be: try to see the details in a picture as a whole! This provides you the opportunity to see different ways (= plans) to achieve your goals. And above all: accept to fail and learn from your failure. But as a CEO and leader never accept to fail twice in the same context – then you are in trouble!

For Kasparov the main reasons why leaders don’t succeed are the lack of commercial vision and the gravity of passed success.

He was the only speaker to receive standing ovations.

Here is a video of the Q&A session, unfortunately it is more or less only about his candidacy … but still it will give you a good impression, how Kasparov is acting ….

Sorry, the organizers ask me to remove the video!!! Sorry for that!!!!

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