How to survive in a highly competitive market!

dorinne_kleinDorinne Tal is running Olivia Tose Tal since 1996. She founded the company – a Brooklyn based shoe company – together with her father Sol Gever, a seasoned designer, pattern maker and technical developer in the shoe industry. The shoes, every pair an art piece of its own, have been living an undiscovered life in the internet so far. The remarkable style in design, the fresh and unexpected combination of the fabrics and the uniqueness of each shoe never came to life on the web.

When I met Dorinne for the first time – probably a year ago – she was a complete computer illiterate (actually there is nothing wrong with that!). Still she has some way to go but she has learned a lot and understood the capacity of the internet quickly. In many conversations we were trying to build a unique “Olivia Rose Tal Online-World” with features that were really unique in a highly competitive market. We’ve found some of them:

  1. unique combination of fabrics and ornaments
  2. the passion the shoes are made with
  3. the credibility of Dorinne herself!
  4. the high value of customization
  5. the liberty of a family owned business

To fill these features with life and to give birth to a new way of “selling shoes” became our passion. Within the last year we’ve been creating a Olivia Rose Tal World with all these values and advantages a little, family owned company has to offer. So come and visit the website and our blog to explore the art of shoe making!

Right after the launch of the new website I’ve made the following interview with Dorinne.

What does the internet mean to you?The internet is the great equalizer, giving a niche business such as ORT equal exposure to the world’s market without the abundant capital necessary to achieve market recognition. Why did you decide to launch a new website?It allows the world intimacy to the difficulties and fascination of homegrown,handmade shoemaking. It allows the consumer an appreciation of the detail and craft necessary to accomplish a product that is not only beautiful but functional.
It is my responsibility to entice the buyer. I must make my shoes fabulous enough to purchase in a market that is flooded with beautiful shoes. It is my passion for beautiful, fine fabric that gives me an opportunity to distinguish ort in the marketplace, allowing me to define my personal viewpoint in footwear by combining fabric in unique and unexpected combinations.You are serving a market niche. Why do you think internet sales will work?
The website legitimizes the uniqueness of ort by allowing the marketplace to view the collection without satisfying for the conventional buying practices of the mass market.
Passion for fabrics – What does it stands for?/ Why is it s important for you to produce within the US?
Production of ORT in the u.s. gives birth to a completely unique artistic point of view One has to be an’out of the box’ thinker and enormously flexible to produce outside the comfort zone of Italian factories. As a result, ort’s look has evolved form the need to find water in the desert! Ort’s style evokes a certain romance, with its desire to be noticed and respected as players in an ever more discerning market.
What makes a shoe unique? / What goes along with a beautiful shoe?
A shoe is unique when it engenders an emotional response, such as when a satisfied client claims them as ,works of art.’ A beautiful shoe is the exclamation point of a great wardrobe. Great clothing deserve beautiful, complementary footwear.

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