Web 2.0, CSR and Philantrophy

While I was in Berlin last week I had the chance to speak to a couple of people about one of my favorite web 2.0-projects: betterplace.org. I already wrote some posts about it. Finally I could login in and dive into details. And yes, it is promising.


Till Behnke, CEO of betterplace describes the idea behind it as follows: “We are creating a global internet platform for philanthropy. We provide NGO’s and development organizations a platform on which they can upload their projects, and for users to have the freedom and opportunity to choose, rate and donate to the projects of their choice.

It is all about giving the users the choice. The key word is transparency! And it is free! We are creating a new marketplace, where users will be able to comment, debate and interact with others on the betterplace platform.”

The platform itself is easy to use, self explaining and has all the features web 2.0 users require. It is definitely going to be a great opportunity for the “traditional” NGOs to discover the potential of the internet.

The launch is scheduled for October 2007!
Again: All the best to the team and keep on going ….

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