Expert Round about Web 2.0

As I wrote a couple of days ago I attended a round table – invitation by Ernst&Young – about web 2.0. We were about 15 experts with different kind of backrounds – a so called interdisciplinary team: game developer, IT-specialists, designer, consultants, journalist …

We were confronted with 2 case studies – out of “real life”. With both of them the groups had problems to see the needs and benefits to use web 2.0 technologies or the 2.0 concepts behind it. So the discussion started to become a highly controversial “meta-discussion” about the major question: Is it necessary to change corporate culture before you start implementing web 2.0 tools or can tools efficiently change corporate culture? Which process would be more sustainable?

My personal point of view is most definitely, that we need a cultural shift before we go 2.0 – otherwise most of the 2.0 capacities cannot be unfold! Examples like the change mangement process at CoreMedia AG, Hamburg, prove this.

At the end of the day we didn’t show up with a plan to implement web 2.0 tools for our case studies, only some vague trivial very, very basic 2.0 ideas. So some of us felt unsatisfied: It could have been much more … But there is always something good, and so here as well: We started a great discussions … and it is encouraging that companies like Ernst&Young think 2.0 as well …

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