Enterprise 2.0 – Work in Progress

Together with Lutz Berger, with whom I work for several years, I am preparing a new conference and conference format: SCOPE – The Future of Learning. For this reason we went to Hamburg yesterday to interview Soeren Stamer, CEO of CoreMedia AG and Henrik Schuermann, leading the CoreMedia Competence Center HR together with his colleague Ulrike Marquard. CoreMedia is thinking a lot about leadership in an Enterprise 2.0 in order to get the most out of their work – for each of them and for each of their clients! And they are not only thinking and talking, they’ve made changes already … The process started about 3 years ago and they are working on it on a daily basis.

Soeren Stamer is convinced, that working and learning can’t be separated in a company. And you can’t “hurry” learning by using technology! Changing the corporate culture is more important than changing technology. The cultural shift – from the traditional organizational structure of follow-the-leader to an open exchange of ideas – needs to come before even the coolest new technologies can make a real difference.

So CoreMedia’s first step in this process was to get rid of all company departments. No more marketing, sales, finance. They cut off individual power in order to gain “collective intelligence”. They created a team of leaders for the company and they gave their employees a voice. They trained them to learn about their new thoughts of Enterprise 2.0 and advised them to speak up and discuss good and bad things! They gave them responsibility and trained them how to deal with their new self-responsibility! What a step!

CoreMedia is using wikis, twitter, blogs and a lot more of these so called web 2.0 tools. But first, they’ve made themselves and their employees ready for it! At this point 150 employees are working within this structure. Soon the next step, integrating partners, clients and the public will occur.

For us, this is a very astonishing, interesting and by far a too seldom approach to run a business and to open up communication lines.

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