Women who run with the tents

As I posted a few weks ago, one of my clients preferred a theatre performance to a powerpoint presentation. We’ve been working hard on this idea and now I am proud to announce the very first “press release” for our Learning Design Performance at the International Design Coneference in Berlin. Ami Garmon and Ehrliche Arbeit in Berlin will produce the performance: “Women who run with the tents.”

The challenge is to transfer the ideas of Learning Design into a dance performance. Very unusal, but also very exiting

1001 Nights. A princess tells the king stories in order to not be killed. Each night she arrives at the climax of her story “More! More!” he says “Tomorrow” she says and lives for another day. Learning. “Jump here, cry here”.

“To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a mode of transportation” (Yves Maupin) and yet that is precisely what occurs for most us in the face of the unknown and change (learning).

Learning and Surviving, surviving learning. Freely inspired by the legend of 1001 nights, Choreographer Ami Garmon with Nadia Cusimano explore the nomadic and mysterious journey of understanding and loss. A choreography of symbols and icons and “simple instructions easy to follow” of movements and dwellings, lightness and speed and the tragic comedic task of carrying one’s knowledge on one’s back with grace and control, What to show, what to hide? What to keep and what to let go of? Choice equals progress or does it? Do we learn to survive or do we survive because we learn? In interaction we are composing visible and invisible codes and legends to render ourselves visible (so viable). In exchanging through interaction we are teaching these maps we refer to as our identity and we are teaching learning to read and be read.

Women who run with the tents addresses the notion of understanding and loss and how they are intrinsically connected by exploring initiation, contradiction and progress through storytelling and choreography.

Nomadic Journey versus Fashion Show. Dwelling upon a score of instructions to unveil the loss of understanding into freedom of choice. Two human “power points” venture into a nest like structure of stories within stories. 1001 questions as a labyrinth of surviving metaphors to evolve from the experience of loss as understanding.

Concept, choreography and performance: Ami Garmon and Nadia Cusimano
Sound: Olivier Zol

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