What makes facebook different from other communities …

… like XING, myspace or linkedin?

Facebook is growing three times as fast as myspace. And – what is even more relevant – insiders judge the quality growth even better. So, what makes the difference?

The most important difference to me seems to be the fact, that facebook is reproducing real, existing relationships instead of a gathering of contacts! And this leads to a different result – of course! What you see in the network of a user’s profile is real and relevant! This is when Zuckerberg talks about a social grapgh mapped by a social utility (=facebook). Secondly the database in facebook is very easy to operationalize. The result of being rigid as far as the user’s liberty to choose is concerned. Third thing might be, that facebook was limited in the beginning. Only students were able to enter. With the result, that the facebook community is highly educated.

And now the introdution of the plattform F8 is the logical consequence to provide the service for third parties …

What will be next?

In TIME you can read one of the few interviews Marc Zuckerberg
has been given recently.

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