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downunderI met Dominik Landwehr 3 years ago during our project “digital transformations”. Since then we talk once in a while and share our thoughts. He is a very special character and it is always fun talking with him. Dominik is responsible for music and new media at MIGROS Kulturprozent at Zurich.

> > – what makes switzerland so unique?
4 languages und 4 cultures with a common history,
a very rich and living cultural life,
a certain stubbornness and conservatism,
high quality of living not just in the tourist areas but also in
major cities of the country.

dominik> > – you love to build robots, why?
Oh this is a misunderstanding. i am not good in tinkering and most of my inventions never worked. it is more the fantasy about tinkering and building robots. i like people who do that … and i am trying to find them.

> > – what does art means for you?

a window from reality into the open.

> > – what is special about “new media”?
i am trying to find it out. maybe less than i think today.

> > – where are we going next?
when I know it i will share it with you.

> > – what are we going to see next?
honestly i don’t know. but i have the feeling that the fact that
cheap computer technology and particulary storage are going to affect our live shortly – and i am not talking just about gps, cameras, cellphones and external harddisks …

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