A Few Things About Web 2.0 Conference

For me the Web 2.0 conference has been really exciting and the air has been full of energy. I’ve been curious to listen to what other conference attendees have been saying. A lot of them share my enthusiasm, but there’s also a fair amount of what could be termed »cynical buzz«. Here are a few things I would like to point out:

  1. Innovation doesn’t happen in the mainstream. The conference was mainstream; innovation might have happened in the halls.
  2. Where are the busimess modells besides advertising and subscription? Are we too reliant on Google, Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo and the other bigco’s for acquisitions or advertising revenue?
  3. Ignite: Imagine packing a large conference room with about 600 geeks, giving ‘em all the free beer they can drink, and then entertaining them with a rapid-fire procession of sixteen fast-talking techies who each deliver a twenty-slide PowerPoint on an eclectic subject with only fifteen seconds per slide for total presentation time of five minutes. Add in a huge LCD panel television monitor on stage, facing the audience, displaying a steady flow of the audience’s raucous real-time commentary about the speaker’s performance, transmitted of course via SMS texting.
  4. ExpoCal – great tool for all kind of events!
  5. Cool names: Spock, Yelp, StumbleUpon, Veoh, WeeWorld, Imeem, and Piczo. Smaller companies with larger relationships. Six Apart, Socialtext, NewsGator, SimpleFeed, Visible Path and SpikeSource all have ties to Intel. A chipmaker with Web 2.0 aspirations?
  6. What to avoid: Anything that looks like you are giving up your personal information.

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