»Google Search is still in Beta!« ;-)

John Battelle interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 Expo keynote this morning. I summarized the highlights. You can also videostream the interview.

  • Google announces Presentations add-on for Docs & Spreadsheets.
  • Eric denies Google’s competing with Microsoft Office here. Battelle didn`t buy it. Massive applause for John.
  • On DoubleClick/YouTube acquisitions: advertisers want a single source where their ad dollars can be allocated automatically across all media. Do advertisers really want this?
  • On Performics: no decisions made yet. But he didn’t explicitly deny the possibility of spinning it off.
  • Schmidt got a kick out of Microsoft, AT&T claiming antitrust issues with the DoubleClick buy. His simple take on the accusers: »They’re wrong.«
  • Eric loves Net Neutrality. Applause.
  • Acquisitions: Eric can’t say specifically, but he said the hot growth areas are mobile and local.
  • Big issue: data portability

eric-schmidt.mov @ ulrikereinhard.blogr.de

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