What`s next in web 2.0?

6 out of 60 start-up companies will have the chance to launch their new products and services at the web 2.0 expo conference this week. They were chosen by a panel of venture capitalists and experts. Here they are with their innovative and promising new technology or business model:

Human development technologies launches inpowr, the first web platform for self-exploration and wellness based in part on the work of a Master Olympic Coach.

Spock is a search engine application that organizes and provides information around people. See also here.

Swivel is all about tasty data goodies, bringing data to live so people can have fun and learn – or even have a debate or two.

Tellme fundamentally improves how people and businesses use the phone by replacing traditional phone infrastrusture and offerings with an internet model for building and delivering phone services.

Vidoop eliminates passwords, provides robust security and gives web sites an incentive to embrace identity 2.0.

WebEx is the leading provider of SaaS (= software as a service) applications for collaborative business on the web.

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