Service Research as a Source for Innovation

JimSpohrer IBM Services is a real success story! It started its transition in the early nineties, shifting iits main business interests from hardware and hardware-related topics to service. Mission accomplished!

One of the driving forces behind the success is the Almaden Research Service Group led by Jim Spohrer. During the Almaden Institute Conference I had the chance to talk to him. He answered the following questions (listen to the attached podcast):


IBM Global Services is roughly half of the overall IBM business. In which fields can research contribute to IBM Global Services?

Consulting business is people business. A totally new research field for an IT-company. What are the major challenges?

How can services research become a source for innovation for the own company? How do you measure your work?

How is the topic of the conference – complexity – related to your work? Where are the links?

Jim Spohrer is the Director of Almaden Services Research at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA. IBM Global Services (IGS) is a people-intensive, information-intensive business of over 170,000 professionals world-wide, accounting for almost half of IBM’s yearly revenues, and innovation for IGS is the focus of the Almaden Services Research group. Human sciences, On-Demand Innovation Services (ODIS), deep industry knowledge of future trends, and operations technology are areas of active exploration.

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