DEAF07 – Interact or Die!


From 10 through 29 April 2007, the eighth Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) will take place in Rotterdam. This international festival is organized every two years by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media. This year’s theme is Interact or Die!In a world dominated by an omnipresence of media and telecommunications we are expected to act in and with the networks these systems create. Interactivity in this context becomes an intrinsic part of our societal, political and economic ideals creating new forms of cultural and social structures. Our positions as participating citizens, creative consumers or critical activists force us into the role of being co-author or determinant element of the landscape of (media)realities we live in, in this sense interactivity is mostly promoted to fullfill social, cultural and political ideals. But direct interaction with such systems and networks often leads to unexpected and unforeseen results inspiring diversity and variation instead of fullfilling one single social and political ideal at will. read more …It`s a pity I cannot partizipate … Great programm!

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