»There is a whole generation with a new explanation …«

… sang Scott McKenzie, 1967, in his famous song »Streets of San Francisco«.

His »new explanation« was all about individual liberty, human rights and
questioning the values of the existing society and their senseless consumption. The idea spread all over the world and for a moment it caught the public audience.

But what happened since then?
Meanwhile it seemed that these dreams were forgotten, burried underneath money, consumption, trash and pollution. As our planet became more and more rotten, more and more people were starting to ask these same old questions again…

But with the power of the internet and the most easiest ways to express ourselves, we are sliding into an area in which we – the consumers – became more powerful than we`ve ever been before. A few of these internet pioneers were celebrating in the streets of San Francisco »The Summer of Love«. »There is a whole generation with a new explanation …«

Sometines it takes a generation to build and settle a new explanation.

Welcome to GDC 2007 – live aus San Francisco between Moscone Center and Green Tortoise;-)))

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