Technorati is much more than blogosphere …

In my opinion technorati was all about blogosphere since the day I met David L. Sifry, founder and CEO of technorati. David described his baby as follows:»It`s all about people, user-generated content. This hyperlink-system tells you something about the person. It is not only search, it is select and discover – it is live web!

I always say: technorati is a media company!«And the business modell proofs this.

David-SifryWith 4 million unique visitors a month, advertising is of course part of the game. But what is actually much more interesting is the so-called syndication part. There are two possibilities. The first one is: Technorati media partners are buying data from them to monetize their clicks. Not really spectacular …

The second one though is just amazing to me. I will try to explain it on the basis of an example. Universal Pictures will release its newest film in ten weeks. They place a trailer on the web. After e.g. four weeks they buy »raw data« from technorati (who has linked to the trailer etc.) and add right next to the trailer a link. Behind this link you will find a whole realtime »ecosystem« of links, all related to this very specific movie.

This system delivers a pretty good forecast of the movie`s success or failure …. and brands it along the way!!!

I think that`s great!

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