There are »worlds« regardless of the format …

The panel »Virtual Cinema« was held as a co-operation between the Talent Campus and the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, namely Inga von Staden. Knowing Inga as being the connector between the film and interactive media industry for many years now, it wasn`t surprising that a filmmaker was sitting right next to a gamedevelopper on this panel.

Ian Christie, Professor of film and media history at the University of London’s Birkbeck College and moderator of the panel, focussed the entire discussion on how stories, ideas, »worlds« intrigue audiences to watch and interact emotionally with media products – regardless of the formats they are delivered.

Kees-KasanderKees Kasander being known for his irritating, non llinear story telling, embraces the opportunies for storytellers provided by the internet. His message for the young filmmakers was, that second life, youtube and others are pretty good starting points for them. Just go out there and create your world and your market. Just do it! Especially when you are facing such a giant filmindustry with all its boundaries, structures and rules ….

Inga and I had the chance to speak to Kees right after the panel … listen!


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