What is »Soft Cinema«?

I was just writing about virtual cinema (see the post below); uuups, the next thing pops up: »Soft Cinema«.

SOFT CINEMA is a project by Lev Manovich and Andreas Kratky. It explores 4 ideas:

  1. »Algorithmic Cinema«
    Using a script and a system of rules defined by the authors, the software controls the screen layout, the number of windows and their content. The authors can choose to exercise minimal control leaving most choices to the software; alternatively they can specify exactly what the viewer will see in a particular moment in time. Regardless, since the actual editing is performed in real time by the program, the movies can run infinitely without ever exactly repeating the same edits.
  2. »Macro-cinema« If a computer user employs windows of different proportions and sizes, why not adopt the similar aesthetics for cinema?
  3. »Multimedia cinema« In Soft Cinema, video is used as only one type of representation among others: 2D animation, motion graphics, 3D scenes, diagrams, maps, etc.
  4. »Database Cinema« The media elements are selected from a large database to construct a potentially unlimited number of different narrative films, or different versions of the same film. We also approach database as a new representational form in its own right. Accordingly, we investigate different ways to visualise Soft Cinema databases.

Could have been a nice set at the Berlinale

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