Talent Campus – a lively idea that has been growing …


The Berlin International Film Festival invites young filmmakers from all over the world to attend workshops, share ideas and mingle with international stars and colleagues during the Berlinale Talent Campus Week. Make connections with a global filmmaking community and get inspired. A six-day programme will touch on

I will attend the lecture »Virtual Cinema« with Noah Falstein, Kees Kasander and Tom Tykwer, moderated by Ian Christie. Even though I don`t understand yet what the lecture will be exactly about, the panelist are always good for a thrilling discussion. After the session I will have an interview with Noah. I am looking forward to it!

The lecture, which takes place in co-operation with Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg has been decribes as follows:

Be it the travel of cinema spectators into the ancient times of historical films like Tom Tykwer’s PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER or time-travelling characters as in the Berlinale Generation Kplus contribution CRUSADE IN JEANS , produced by Kees Kasander or popular video games like Maniac Mansion 2: Day of th e Tentacle, designed by Noah Falstein: Fantasy and time-travel are the most popular trends in today’s cinema and the internet media. This panel will debate the obvious and hidden analogies, moreover it will try to relate answers to the early years of cinema where similar motives intrigued audiences to watch and interact emotionally with media products.

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