»Intellectual import«

I don`t know yet if I do like this expression. Inga von Staden first mentioned it last weekend, when we were talking about my recent work (just follow this blog and you will get an idea what I am working on). For a better understanding of Inga you might have to know that deep in her heart she loves New England …

Her expression »intellectual import« came back to me this afternoon. Even though it is Sunday I am working … at least thinking;-) Am I really dealing with »intellectual import«? One import from abroad if the »thing« you are looking for is not available at home. Right?

My business is people business. My customers are looking for visionaires, entrepreneurs, »cutting edge«-people in the wide interdisciplinary field of digital media. Where do I find them? Honest to say: Mostly in America. And this is not because I don`t know what is going on here in Germany. I`ve been in this market since its very beginning when I founded whoiswho.de 15 years ago! And I am proud to say that whoiswho.de is still alive;-))) But I am so sorry to say, I am not alone with my opinion. Just have a look at the keynote speakers at last weeks DLD conference or in the very specific field of elearning look at the blogs of Jochen Robes or Lutz Berger

Where are the youtubes, ebays, myspaces, googles, flickrs, technocratis …. O`Reillys, Chris Andersons, Paul Romers, Marvin Minskys … in Europe? Even worse … in Germany? There are only a few to mention e.g SAP (Hasso Plattner) , mp3 (Prof. Brandenburg), jamba! (Samwer brothers) … who else?

Why is it like this?
Can you help me to find an answer, please?
Thanks …

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