My most favorite DLD-session

negroponteNicholas Negroponte really dominated this session. As founder and chairman of the non-profit association one laptop per child he couldn`t hide his passion for this ambitious project.

The proposed $100 laptop machine will be a Linux-based, with a dual-mode display—both a full-color, transmissive DVD mode, and a second display option that is black and white reflective and sunlight-readable at 3× the resolution. The laptop will have a 500MHz processor and 128MB of DRAM, with 500MB of Flash memory; it will not have a hard disk, but it will have four USB ports. The laptops will have wireless broadband that, among other things, allows them to work as a mesh network; each laptop will be able to talk to its nearest neighbors, creating an ad hoc, local area network. The laptops will use innovative power (including wind-up) and will be able to do most everything except store huge amounts of data.

I am so sorry I couldn`t get him for an interview!

More information here.

Photo: Dr. Silke Claus, IDZ Berlin

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