Apple steps again into a highly competitive market …

… and has a pretty good chance to succeed. The stock market shows …

It´s almost like in 2001 when Apple took off to capture the music market with a product called iPod and a software called iTunes. Today Apple is no. 4 in the music industry … They`ve just doubled their sales in 2006: 2 billion songs have been downloaded in iTunes; that`s equivalent to 5 million songs a day! So Apple became the top driving force in the online music market!

And now the iPhone with just the right software! I think it´s even more compelling.

Even though some questions need to be answered (e.g. what about other operating systems? Where will the iPod go when the iPhone is available?) iPhone will start a new aera in the telecommunication industry. For the very first time people will finally have one mobile device

  • which is really easy to use,
  • where the data is easy to sync and
  • above all which really fits all the needs for mobile communication

A true challenge for Nokia, Bluebery and and and … As Steve Job says his product is 5 years ahead of market – even it is only two years – it will be a driving force in the market. And that is good for us, the consumers.

Besides a cool product Apple also shows the industry, how future collaboration with other companies – in this specific case Google, Yahoo and Cinguliar – will look like. For real innovations or for products which drive the market we will see more and more task forces, strategically set up by a few leading companies. It is just the same way Paul Horn, Head of R&D at IBM, described the efforts of IBM.

So, what`s next Apple? The game market …?

It was a great yesterday, except none of us could buy an iPhone yet;-(

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