Apple Computer Inc. becomes Apple Inc. …

… and Apple Inc. just »reevented the phone«! The new iPhone will be shipped in June for the US and late 2007 in Europe.

It just has got everything!
And what is even better: it`s really combining everything!
Awesome ….

What is everythink?
200+ patents during development!

– wide screen iPod with touch control
– multi touch user interface (you`ve got see it to believe it!)
– rich HTML email
– full version of the Safari Browser
– Quad band, GSM and Edge
– WiFi, Blue tooth


Just have a look at

And the price?
4 GB for 499 US | 8 GB for 599 US

With this iPhone Apple will really challenge the telecommunication industry like he did with the music industry.

Steve Jobs and his team really did a great job – he is one of the few people who transfer their vision into great products … using all the given possibilities … it is just cutting edge!

And by far the best thing to see was his passion. He really loves what he is doing … he was so thrilled, so excited and touched … simply unique! Steve Jobs at its best!

Couldn`t say it better than WIRED …


Picture by Apple.
P.S. Picture will follow … I forget my USB cable in the hotel;-((((

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