It`s not the product that made the hero, it`s the application!

As every year in January the Mac community is looking forword to Steve Job`s keynote and the »unfolding« of the new products at the MacWorld. This year almost everybody is expecting the iPhone.

To start this story lets go back to the beginnings of the iPod. Besides design, features, look&feel it was the easy to use mode coming along with iTunes what made the breaktrough!

What and where would the iPod be without iTunes?
It was not the product that made the iPod a hero, it was definitely the application!

So, lets transfer this idea to the iPhone. What kind of application would make the iPhone a hero? It already exists … iSync! So take out the mystery of the synching process …

Wouldn`t it be neat to have a little something which (reallly) syncs your data on the phone with those on your computer? Wouldn`t it be cool if the movies you`ve shot with your iPhone would show up in iMovie, the mp3-fles in iTunes; all the dates and in your calendar and address book …

With this application Apple would really challenge Nokia, Motorola and and and … This would be the key for Apple moving beyond the iPod. So, just wait and see!

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