Ten Questions Apple Must Answer in 2007


Pete Mortensen, who is doing a wonderful job with his Cult of MAC blog is going to get ready for the MacWorld in San Francisco. He raises 10 questions Apple must answer in 2007:

1. Can Apple stay successful if Jobs steps down?
2. What’s Apple up to do with Google?
3. What more can Apple do with the iPod?
4. Is Apple getting complacent with its industrial design?
5. Is Apple comfortable with Mac OS X as the »Big Tent« operating system?
6. What’s Apple going to do with its new campus in Cupertino?
7. What should Apple credit for soaring Mac sales?
8. Has the switch to Intel been successful from a third party software perspective?
9. Will .Mac survive into 2008?
10. Is Apple ready to compete in two new fields (Home Theatre and Mobile Telephony)?

Thank you for this Pete!

I am looking forward to discuss all these questions with some of you at the MacWorld. Happy new year MAC!

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