This looks like trouble …


However. Right now I am interested in BREAD AND BUTTER. The swiss-based design agency did a great job for a promising upcoming event: LIFT.

LIFT takes place in Geneva, Feb. 7-9, 2007.

LIFT is a gathering of talented observers, explorers and builders who discuss the current challenges and creative solutions presented by emerging technologies. LIFT is three days to face cutting edge business models, bold predictions, radical thinking, and get new ideas to inject into your own part of the planet.

LIFT has a simple goal: connect people who are passionate about new applications of technology and propel their conversations into the broader world to improve life and work.

LIFT is more than a conference! Beyond the opportunity to listen to some of today’s most influential minds, you can also talk during the open stage sessions or share and learn with others during a pre-conference workshop. And for the first time this year comes LIFT+, a living and creative platform intended to develop new ideas through active interaction between the participants.

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