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Ulrike Reinhard
I just love the idea of the internet with all its opportunities. If I am at home or in the office I am more or less online (24/7). The most fascinating thing about it is, that it became so easy to »connect« people. As my former website whoiswho.de was a »connector« between companies, my blog has been launched to become a »connector« between people. My goal is to introduce as many people and ideas as possible to translate the 2.0 thinking into real action.

I hold a masters degree and PHD in business administration specializing marketing and human resources. I have worked for ARD and ZDF in my final university projects and I am currently managing director and owner of the whois publishing house.

During the last 10 years I published more than 30 books about the new media and internet industry in the German speaking countries. Among them were annuals like who is who in mobile solution, who is who in interactive broadband, who is who in e-health, who is who in music & internet, who is who in games, who is who in e-learning … 2002 at MILIA in Cannes I had the honor to interview all the international key note speakers for MIILIA Internet TV. You still can find some of them on this blog and on the website www.whoiswho.de in the interview section. This inspired me to continue interviewing important entrepreneurs and scientists. Since then, almost every month an interview has been published. Some great names have been amongst them, like Marvin Minsky, Hasso Plattner, Peter Gabriel, Tim Renner, Peter Weibel, Bazon Brock, Eran Davidson, Karlheinz Brandenburg, Takeshi Natsuno, Michael Ballhaus

2004, due to the 10th anniversary of whois I published my most important book so far: »Digital Transformations«. It deals with the fundamental transformations in business, culture and science and their potential of innovations caused by digital technologies. Theoreticians, artists and scientists express their view along with producers, sponsors and intermediators. »Digital Transformations« (idea and concept by Ulrike Reinhard) is positioned between technology, economy, science and culture. The aim is to reach those readers who are willing to appreciate and support this potential as an important key factor for new thinking and innovation.

Ulrike Reinhard
cell: +49 151 58748588
mail: ulrike@ulrikereinhard.com

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