Better ways to think

»Better ways to think« is the motto of my new blog. I dedicate this blog to Marvin Minsky. He was one of my »heroes« when I first started computing. And he still is.

Marvin-Minsky_02 In fall 2006 I finally got the chance to meet him at MIT, preparing a conference in Berlin, subtitled »media meets technology«. Marvin was invited to give the keynote speech (listen to the attached podcast). With this short video, published on the conference blog, we were gathering questions for Marvin Minsky. It worked pretty well … (see details on Furthermore we`ve published this interview (pdf, 308 KB).

By the time I was in Boston, Marvin just finished his new book »The Emotion Machine«, which is all about commonsense thinking, artificial intelligence, and the future of the human mind. He is attempting one of the holy grails of psychology: an explanation of human emotions, how they work and why we have them. This book gives his work a new direction … he will present his new book – fresh from the press – to a public audience for the very fisrt time early in November at die HSM Forum in New York: Competing through Science.

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